Chen Liu

Hi, I am Chen Liu, a PhD student in Computer Science at Yale University.

Main contents (primarily for hosting some blogs or notes)

(Technical Blog) A Technical Deep Dive into Drag Your GAN (DragGAN)

(Technical Blog) A Novel Entropy and Mutual Information Measure for High Dimensional Data and Deep Neural Networks

(Course Project) Towards a Large-Scale Unbiased Machine Learning Benchmark for Cell Instance Segmentation: Final Report for CPSC 537 Intro to Database Systems

Recent publications

  1. ImageFlowNet, Under Review [ArXiv] [PDF]
  2. CUTS, MICCAI 2024 [ArXiv] [PDF]
  3. Diffusion Spectral Entropy, ICMLW 2023 and IEEE CISS 2024 [ArXiv] [PDF]

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